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The UVic Geog 491 #biketoria course was held this Spring as a pilot for City Studio Victoria.
Co-lead by UVic Geography faculty and City of Victoria staff, and drawing on a wide range of experts,
the course focused on Victoria’s ambitious plan to become a great cycling city. Students undertook projects
informed by and directly supporting research and outreach needs identified by the City.



Watch a short 5 minutes video that provides an overview of the course produced

by students Emily Stevens, Manu Asport and Spencer Floyd

Other Biketoria Student Projects

View below an interactive map of the proposed #biketoria corridors created by students Sara Lax, Bryce Devereux and Keltie Shantz. Click on the yellow cyclists to access a narrated GoPro video of the corridors. Click on the red markers for a diagram of the proposed changes at that site. You can view the GoPro videos of the corridors.

More Biketoria Projects

  • Browse a website that provides useful information to help businesses that want to encourage cycling to work, designed by UVic students (Miranda Rotz, Lauren Antifeau, Emily Belinger, Alanna Vachon, and Luke Gilmour) . The website makes the case for fostering a bike-friendly work culture, why employees might benefit from cycle commuting, examples of incentives businesses can consider, some of the key challenges, and how to get started.

Some Key Findings

Among many others interesting findings from a survey exploring school kids and parents’ perceptions of cycling to school:

  • 6% of parents (in the survey of three schools) felt comfortable letting their kids cycle to school, but 39% would be comfortable if there were protected bike lanes.
  • 85% of parents would be more comfortable if bike meet-ups were an option

Findings exploring University of Victoria students’ perceptions of the #biketoria plan:

  • that 77% of a large, diverse sample of UVIC students had not heard of #biketoria or had heard of it but did not know what it entailed.
  • 65% of those who had heard of #biketoria had positive or strongly positive feelings about it.
  • 70% of students accessed news through Facebook.


  • #biketoria needs to do a better job reaching out to university students, presumably an important target group for cycling in the region (but also in Victoria itself) and social media (esp. Facebook) is a promising route.